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Version 0.21
All the cards in one place, in the interface you know and love.
Every single card
Well, nearly every card. Every Magic: the Gathering card except for Portal and promotional cards are avaialble for searching and filtering. And if you look carefully - we've added support for other cardsets now. How cool are we.
Filter your way
Filter cards your way, right away. Need to figure out what red instants are available in the current block? Not a problem, just select the sets in the block, Red and Instants and you're done.
Realtime search
Search against the current filter in realtime - no more having to try and remember how to spell "Wumpus."
Card images and text
What good is an index if you don't know what the card says? And if you've got Internet access, you also get the images - cause everything looks better in color.
Open source meets Cocoa
iCards is based on the Java programming language using the native Apple Cocoa libraries. So you get fast, optimized programs that look like they belong on your desktop. Better yet - the code is available for personal use.

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